Boyz II Men, Magic Johnson and Nickelodeon made news this week

By Tom Sinclair
April 23, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Boyz oh Boyz
What’s the deal with Boyz II Men and Magic Johnson? On March 29, Johnson’s new company, Magic Johnson Music Management, announced that it would comanage the group with current Boyz manager Qadree El-Amin. Then, on April 1, Boyz’ Nathan Morris fired off a sharply worded statement that didn’t sound like an April Fools’ joke. In it, Morris claimed the group had ”not met with Magic Johnson, have had no discussions with Magic Johnson, have not signed any deals with Magic Johnson,” and would stay with their current management, thank you very much. Johnson responded with a press release blaming the misunderstanding on El-Amin, who had ostensibly ”accepted a partnership position” with Johnson’s company ”contingent upon bringing Boyz II Men with him.” El-Amin admits he was in talks with Johnson, but says nothing had been signed, and that Johnson’s premature announcement of a deal put the kibosh on the entire thing: ”They jumped the gun, and they should take responsibility for that.” A spokesperson for Magic’s company blames the dustup on ”a series of miscommunications,” calling the public feud ”unfortunate.” The end of the road always is, no?

Musical youth
It had to happen: With bubblegum blowing up, kiddie-TV network Nickelodeon is preparing to launch what its president of TV and film entertainment, Albie Hecht, calls ”the first-ever kids’ music festival.” Aimed at tykes ages 8 to 13, the All That Music & More Festival will feature the likes of 98, Monica, Tatyana Ali, B*Witched, 3rd Storee, and others. The 40-city extravaganza will kick off June 17 in Indianapolis and run through August. Hecht says the event is modeled after Lollapalooza and H.O.R.D.E. ”to a certain extent,” and will also feature comedy (from the cast of Nickelodeon’s All That), as well as a variety of interactive games. ”We’re trying to give the kids new experiences,” says Hecht (now all Nickelodeon really needs to do is add non-permanent tattoo booths, plastic clip-on nose-ring stands, and birch-beer saloons).