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By EW Staff
Updated April 23, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

Oh, the stars, the dresses, the parties, the speeches, the paparazzi, the annual Oscar Winners & Losers issue (#479, April 2, 1999)…it’s the stuff our readers’ dreams are made of, well, most of the time. ”You have spent weeks covering, ad nauseam, an event that most people simply turned off,” says Randy Lee Ross of Wappingers Falls, N.Y. ”Get real: Do you think we really care that much about an event so phony?” Brittany Miller of Gainesville, Fla., wasn’t too keen on a pair of surprise guests in our party coverage: ”I definitely saw enough of Gwyneth’s breasts in Shakespeare In Love. Thanks for giving me another full view of them in your coverage of the Oscar parties.” We aim to please.

Trophy Wise
I consider myself a dedicated TV viewer. While I watched all of E!’s coverage of the Oscars, Geena Davis’ pre-show (what a waste of time), and minute-by-minute action of the big show itself (with my handy EW scorecard), I was never more informed, enthused, and downright entertained (sorry, Whoopi) than I was with your coverage of the Oscars.
Christy Rowley
Shreveport, La.

Thank you so much for translating Roberto Benigni’s Oscar speeches! I think Benigni is wonderful, but for the life of me I couldn’t make heads or tails of what he had said.
Jennylynn Bradbury

Once I started thinking about it, it seemed all this Oscar nonsense was a bit silly. Hollywood creates what has become a multimillion-dollar industry. The people within this industry band together and call themselves the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Then the members create awards to honor themselves? An Oscar winner is really nothing more than an overblown employee of the year.
Tamra Reynolds
Kekaha, Hawaii

Let me make sure I understand this correctly, Academy voters: Saving Private Ryan was not the best picture of the year, it was only the best-looking (cinematography), best-sounding (sound, sound-effects editing), best-edited (film editing), and most finely crafted (best director) one. Explanations, anyone?
Paul E. Swansiger
New Springfield, Ohio

That wasn’t Peter Gabriel impersonating Rod Steiger at the Academy Awards, it was Dr. Evil doing a promo for Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.
Errol Portman
Coral Gables, Fla.

Requiem for an Actor
Regarding Kristen Baldwin’s item on the death of David Strickland, I was intrigued by the quote ”…Strickland’s life seemed to be on an upswing: Susan was set to come back for its fourth season, and Forces had just opened at No. 1 at the box office.” This sentence proves yet again that most people, especially most Hollywood people, believe professional and financial success has everything to do with personal happiness and fulfillment, when, obviously, there is almost no connection at all.
Russ Lindway
Seven Hills, Ohio

Virgin Megabore?
Your writers seemed incredulous that an upcoming movie would feature a 29-year-old female virgin character. Well, maybe we’re in the minority, but two of my closest friends are virgins, both 26-year-old female virgins. And here’s the topper: I’m a 28-year-old male virgin. And we’re talking dictionary definition, not Bill Clinton’s version. I’m not a religiousfanatic. I’m not fat, short, and ugly. I may be the only one at my high school reunion who’s still a virgin, but I’m just waiting until the time seems right. And I can wait. But I do think it a bit ludicrous to put into doubt a claim of a late-20s virgin. Gee, I’m not sure if I want you to print my name.
Emmett D. Rahl
Long Beach, Calif.

Avid Reader
Thank you for your wonderful review of Eddi Reader’s album, Angels & Electricity. I have been a fan of Reader’s since her Fairground Attraction days and feel she deserves recognition for both her songwriting talents and her angelic voice. Hopefully, your review will encourage people to give this fantastic woman a listen.
Marcia Woloshun
Redlands, Calif.

CORRECTIONS: Eugene Levy’s SCTV character Bobby Bittman was a comedian, not a talk-show host (Scene). Liv Tyler wore a Fred Leighton necklace to the Oscars (The Fashion).