gets noticed -- Thanks to his scatological humor site, former ''Simpsons'' animator Tom Winkler gets tapped to open up ''The Norm Show''

By Mike Hofman
April 23, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

”This is the site that Dilbert’s boss would ban his employees from visiting,” brags cartoonist Tom Winkler of (, the animated bathroom oeuvre he’s assembled online. Winkler, 34, launched the site in 1997. These days it attracts a million visitors each month. The Norm Show‘s exec producer Bruce Helford was so charmed by’s scatological animations that he tapped the Simpsons vet to create the series’ opening credits — a montage of manic New Yorkers. ”I think Tom has a nice, irreverent sensibility which fits in well with our show,” says Helford. Winkler is now pitching the likes of Comedy Central for more work. But since his ‘toons rival even South Park‘s Mr. Hanky in gross appeal, does that mean he’ll tone down the vulgarity? ”I love potty humor,” he affirms, ”but I’m not going to say ‘No, I won’t do a series unless it has people taking huge s—s.’ ”