By EW Staff
April 19, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
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WE’VE ONLY SEEN a 90-second snippet of this film, with Kidman (wearing just a pair of glasses) and her husband (wearing even less) canoodling in front of a mirror, but we’re ready to get in line. The plot is still top secret — something about a couple of married therapists who get carried away by sexual obsession and jealousy — but we do know one thing for sure: It’s the most highly anticipated movie of this summer not featuring a robot named R2-D2. “He showed us a final cut five days before he passed away,” says Kidman, still shaken by Kubrick’s death in March. “We were even talking about doing another film together.”

Kubrick (”2001: A Space Odyssey”) took a year and a half to shoot this one, sealing his cast in a high-security lot near London. “People always ask us, ‘God, why would you do this movie?'” says Kidman. “There are not a lot of directors we would have done it for. Even having that 90-second scene out there in public is a very strange thing for a couple to have to deal with.” And what about the speculation that Kubrick hadn’t finished the film when he died? Kidman insists he did (“He wouldn’t have shown it to us if he wasn’t happy with it,” she says). And reports that her husband dons a dress in one scene? “Not true,” she swears. “Besides, Tom in a dress wouldn’t be that exciting anyway.”

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