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Updated April 19, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
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EDDIE’S AUDITION was very good,” says Martin. Happily, the humor in ”Bowfinger” isn’t nearly as dry as that. Martin, who also wrote the script, plays Bobby Bowfinger, a loser movie producer who realizes that the only way Hollywood’s hottest actor, Kit Ramsey, will ever appear in his alien flick, Chubby Rain, is if he stalks the guy and surreptitiously shoots around him. Producer Brian Grazer (”Life”) suggested Murphy to play the star; the only problem was that Martin wrote him white. “I was seeing it as a wimpy, white, spiritual actor,” says Martin, who then enlisted Murphy to help revise the script. Soon Ramsey became a paranoid black fellow whose condition worsens as strangers from Rain keep accosting him. (“Eddie could write screenplays and direct them,” Martin raves. “I mean, I know he did, but he could.”)

To feel better, Ramsey makes regular visits to a spiritual-healing “celebrity center” called Mind Head; despite obvious echoes of a certain Travoltarian denomination, the S-word was strictly verboten around Martin and Oz. “I’d go, ‘Oh, the Scientology thing is really funny!'” says Graham, who plays Bowfinger’s right-off-the-bus leading lady. “They’d be like, ‘It’s not Scientology. It’s just a cult group.'” Let’s ask Martin himself. “I viewed it as a pastiche of many things I’ve seen in Hollywood,” he insists. “They’re the biggest, so they’ll probably be named, but it’s not really… you know, it’s just many things.” He pauses a moment. “How was that answer?”


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