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Credit: Myles Aronowitz
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TWO VERY PIVOTAL THINGS happened in the petite demimonde of lowbrow comedy in 1998: First, Jim Carrey successfully clawed his way out of the slapstick ghetto. Second, Adam Sandler’s ”The Waterboy” and ”The Wedding Singer” raked in a combined $241 million plus at the box office. What does all this have to do with Big Daddy? In short, if this movie hits, then Sandler will become the undisputed Heavyweight King of the Doofuses. Not that his imminent title has gone to his head. Cracks Big Daddy costar Jon Stewart, ”You don’t have to worry that there’s going to be five Tibetan Sherpas carrying him onto the set on a litter.” And even if they did, Sony would be happy to foot the bill. In the wake of The Waterboy, Big Daddy has become the studio’s tallest summer tent pole. Sandler plays Sonny Koufax, a law-school grad trapped in a state of arrested development, whose classmates (including Stewart) are moving on to adult responsibility. Of course, all that changes when he becomes the reluctant guardian of a 5-year-old boy (played by the Sprouse twins) and learns some valuable life lessons. ”There’s real acting in this movie,” says Dugan, who also directed Sandler’s ”Happy Gilmore.” ”But don’t worry, he’s still hilarious.”

Big Daddy

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  • Dennis Dugan