So Steve Van Zandt will shuttle between the TV set and the concert stage this summer

By Rob Brunner
Updated April 16, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fear not, ”Sopranos” fans: Even though Steve Van Zandt will be touring with Bruce Springsteen and the reunited E Street Band for the next six months or so, that doesn’t mean the hit HBO series’ glory days are over. Right now the plan is for the show to start filming new episodes this summer, and Van Zandt — who plays endearingly oily mobster Silvio Dante — will shuttle between his two New Jersey bosses.

”When the [”Sopranos”’] production schedule is planned,” says an HBO rep, ”they’ll work around the tour. There shouldn’t be a problem at all.” Maybe not for others in the show, but that’s a pretty heavy workload for the bandanna-happy guitarist, who’ll have to sweat through Bruce’s famously epic concerts and then jet to the ”Sopranos” set on his days off. Van Zandt was unavailable for comment (the Springsteen tour kicked off April 9 in Barcelona), but hey, tramps like him, baby, they were born to… well, you know.