By Daniel Fierman
Updated April 16, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Will Breakfast of Champions ever be served? Disney originally scheduled director Alan Rudolph’s year-old adaptation of the 1973 Kurt Vonnegut novel for the spring and then pulled it, leading to speculation that the estimated $11 million film — which stars and was financed in part by Bruce Willis — is a dog. ”The movie is like having a blinding light in your living room rug,” says Rudolph, who was recently shown a trailer and poster and is hoping for a fall release. ”Certain people will think it’s radioactive and others will think it’s cool. It’s frustrating, because I know we have something that people will be talking about.” A studio spokesperson says that Disney is ”just looking to find the right niche for its release.” But costar Nick Nolte, who says he’s seen the film four or five times, is disappointed with the delay. ”Disney assured me that they will get behind this film,” he says. ”But I’ve got my own paranoia about large studios releasing small films.”

Breakfast Of Champions

  • Movie
  • R
  • 110 minutes
  • Alan Rudolph