She tells EW Online about baring all in 'A Walk on the Moon'

By Liane Bonin
April 14, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
Diane Lane: Jonathan Wenk
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In the new movie ”A Walk on the Moon” (which opens across the country April 16), Diane Lane plays a restless housewife who connects with an itinerant hippie (Viggo Mortensen) at a Catskills summer resort, and it isn’t long before sparks (and their clothes) start flying. Lane’s revealing theatrics include doing the wild thing under a waterfall, stripping down to her crayons-on-acid body paint at Woodstock, and getting jiggy with it during the moon walk. Though some might think twice about so much public exposure, Lane made the most of it. ”It’s all about the dare,” she says. ”That was it.”

Well, not exactly. After 20 years as an actress — appearing in such films as ”The Cotton Club” and ”A Little Romance” — Lane, 34, knew how to prepare and protect herself before going nude on-screen. Long before shooting began, she made a deal with producer Dustin Hoffman and director Tony Goldwyn. ”Since the love scenes involved quite a bit of nudity, I was very strong with the Powers That Be,” says Lane. ”I said, ‘Look, either I cover up the parts I don’t want you to see, which means anytime those come up on-screen you can’t use the footage, or you let me have approval of what’s used. Somebody’s got to surrender the trust.”’

Fortunately, the Powers That Be were the ones to surrender, and Lane is satisfied with the final result. ”I’m glad they trusted me,” she jokes. ”And I’m proud to look so young.”

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