'Go' and 'Twin Dragons' barely register against the sci-fi action blockbuster


”The Matrix” may focus on a world that’s all virtual reality, but the movie’s power over the box office has become a real-life reality. For the second week in a row, the Keanu Reeves action flick not only landed at No. 1, but its gross completely dwarfed the earnings of all of its competitors. This weekend ”The Matrix” pulled in an estimated $22.6 million (for a whopping total of $72.9 million), nearly twice the take of its $11.8 million runner-up, ”Never Been Kissed.”

As evidence of the weakened competition, ”Kissed” was the only film other than ”Matrix” to top $6 million. Following the Drew Barrymore comedy were ”10 Things I Hate About You” ($5.04 million), ”The Out-of-Towners” ($5.01 million), and ”Analyze This” ($4.99 million). Two other major debuts were widely overlooked: ”Twin Dragons” proved that two Jackie Chans will get you half as many ticket buyers, grossing only $2.8 million, for eighth place. The other surprise disappointment was ”Go,” a teen movie that seemed to have everything going for it, including ecstatic reviews and a requisite ”Dawson’s Creek” star, Katie Holmes. Even so, it took sixth place, earning a comparatively low $4.7 million. A date with Keanu must be all that teen moviegoers can handle in one weekend.

(Want more details? See the expanded Box Office Chart.)

The Matrix

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