The best theater related websites for the week of April 9, 1999

What to Surf – Theater Websites

Theater Best of Breed
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Computing instructor Terry Gray’s homage to the Bard is a labyrinth of links and treasures, including scholarly papers, drama festivals, and such personal documents as William’s will. You can also take the ”Shakespeare Sonnet Quiz” or click through a Globe theater virtual tour. Alas, the only bloody thing you can’t find is a link to a Joseph Fiennes cyber-shrine. Snubbed again? Fie! A

Eugene Carr’s site lets you search a database of 300,000 performing-arts events in 1,300 cities and bone up on factoids for 600 classics (i.e., Spin City‘s Barry Bostwick was the original Danny Zuko in Grease). Sign up for the weekly e-newsletter to get leads on discount seats in 12 major cities or scan the ”Culture Scout” news briefs for info on play runs in town. You can even buy tickets online. B+

Renaissance Faire: Elizabethan Accents
( language.html)
Not swayed by Gwyneth’s Shakespeare accent? You’re not alone. John Vinopal, a historical reenactment performer, dubs the lilt commonly used by actors as ”modern ‘snooty’ English.” Instead, in this section of his site he offers amusing ways to master true Elizabethan elocution. For example, you can get medieval and hurl suggested insults (”Thou rank fly-bitten barnacle!”), or exercise peasant-speak affectation by parroting cheesy sound clips (”Good morrow!”). If nothing else, you’ll be able to leave better crank messages on your friends’ answering machines. B

The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber
More high commerce than high art, this official odeum for the Phantom composer includes perks that rabid fans will devour. Link to one of 11 official show sites, or enter the monthly quiz contest to win a Lord Andrew concert video. (A recent query: ”In the lyrics of the musical Evita, how many years was Eva Peron’s body missing?” Answer: 17.) Track the touring production of Cats by locale, or purr along with Grizabella’s ”Memory” song clip. B-