The 1999 Webby Awards -- Sites like and sweep up the annual internet awards

By Erika Milvy
Updated April 09, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

”I’m the king of the world… Wide Web!” crowed Colin Needham, accepting his third Webby award of the evening. Racking up two trophies for (Commerce and Technical Achievement) and one for the Internet Movie Database (Film), the IMDb/Amazon director may have overshot his allotted five-word acceptance speech, but he could have spoken for the Webbys themselves, which, since 1997, have grown in significance as fast as your PC has aged. On

March 18, more than 3,000 digerati from around the world descended on San Francisco to coo over 22 upscale Slinky statuettes. It was a testament to the Web’s polyglot spirit that winning sites ranged from the corporate ( to such shoestring initiatives as conceptual-arts/simulated-computer-crash site, whose creators used their five words to yammer ”Ugly commercial sons of bitches!” Other sites garnering accolades included The Onion (Humor), Gamers Central (Games), (Music), (Weird), PaperMag (Fashion) — and Salon Magazine, which picked up its third statue (for Print and ‘Zines) in three years, prompting CEO/editor David Talbot to exult, ”I feel like Tom Hanks.” Given this year’s Oscars, he could have said, ”I feel better than Tom Hanks” — but that would have been six words.