The 'Matrix' star may look cool, but beneath the Uberhip surface lurks a private obsession

By Liane Bonin
Updated March 25, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST
Warner Brothers

Keanu Reeves may be a vision of leather-clad cool in his new sci-fi movie, ”The Matrix” (opening March 31), but there’s one surprising thing that gets the ”Speed” heartthrob excited. He has a passion for a hobby he picked up way back in grade school: comic books.

”I guess I got into them when I was about 11, 12,” Reeves, 34, tells EW Online. ”It started in camp with ‘Richie Rich,’ then went into the ‘Fantastic Four,’ then I moved into the ‘X-Men,’ and then my life began! My comic obsession began! And for seven years I was completely and totally obsessed with comic books!”

Perhaps he’s taking a lead from fellow actor Tom Cruise — who’s expressed interest in producing a feature version of ”Iron Man” — but Reeves says he’d one day like to bring his fandom to the big screen. ”I’d love to play Wolverine,” he says. ”The graphics and the dialogue and the character (written by Frank Miller) appeal to me.” Another plus: If critics accuse Reeves of two-dimensional acting this time around, it would be a compliment.