Stan Lee spins a new web-comic -- The ''Spider-Man'' creator ventures onto the internet for a new super-powered team comic

By David Kushner
Updated March 19, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Stan Lee is the original webhead. Fifty years ago, as creative chief of Marvel Comics, he spawned the big bang of the superhero universe, bringing us the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and the world-famous Spider- Man. Now he’s doing it again — online. StanLee.Net (, launching in June, marks an ambitious, independent foray into the world of 21st-century comics for Marvel’s chairman emeritus. ”The Net is as new as comics were when I began,” says Lee, 76. ”[I thought] ‘Wouldn’t it be a kick to do the same thing again — but for a worldwide audience?”’

The site will include new superheroes and villains, plus avatar-based chat and digital trading cards. But while Lee has Marvel’s blessing, don’t expect to see the Silver Surfer float by: The new gang of seven will be a multinational, multiethnic team not unlike the X-Men. In a ’90s twist, the heroes will get their powers via the Net rather than from, say, radioactive spiders. Lee hopes to collaborate with his audience and expand the stories to TV and film. And comic books? ”Yeah,” he says, ”I guess that, too.” Don’t forget the X-Ray Specs, Stan.