''The Sopranos'' endorse DVDs -- The hit HBO show weighs in on the format debate


DVD just got an endorsement from an unlikely source: Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), the hero of HBO’s acclaimed gangster series The Sopranos. The hijacking of a truckful of DVD players in a recent episode prompted the Jersey don and his mafiosi to weigh the format’s merits versus laserdisc. Initially scoffing at claims of DVD’s audio superiority (”nothing like listening to Men in Black,” he cracks), Soprano was won over after watching a copy of The Bank Dick on his stolen player. He must be one powerful gangster: The W.C. Fields classic isn’t available yet on DVD. ”We’d established in the pilot that Tony had a laserdisc player,” says series creator David Chase, ”so giving him a DVD player seemed natural.” Another show saw Tony’s wife, Carmela (Edie Falco), nearly kiss the family priest while the two watched The Remains of the Day on DVD; and the season finale will feature One True Thing, but Chase won’t reveal how it will figure into the plot. ”We wrote it in September. I hope it’s released by the time the episode airs.” No need to break any kneecaps — the Meryl Streep weepie is out March 16.

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