Now out of a job, the comedian helps out ''It's like, you know...''

By Shawna Malcom
March 19, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

You won’t see him on screen, but Jerry Seinfeld hasn’t completely quit the sitcom fray. Last spring — a mere two days after wrapping the Seinfeld finale — the erstwhile Must See giant slipped into a studio taping of ABC’s new comedy It’s like, you know… and warmed up a surprised audience with some stand-up. Isn’t that kind of a lowly follow-up to one of the biggest events in TV history? ”He was out of a job, and I happened to have an opening,” jokes It’s like creator (and ex-Seinfeld producer) Peter Mehlman, adding that in fact ”he did it as a favor to me.” Not that Mehlman got any tips from the master of the sitcom domain. ”I didn’t give [the script] to anybody,” he says. ”I guess I was kind of paranoid about what people would think.” Turns out he’d made much ado about nothing: ”About five scenes into shooting,” says the producer, ”Jerry said, ‘This isn’t a pilot. This is a show.’ That was the greatest thing anyone could have said.”

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