The teen pop star hopes to have her own dramatic series next year
Britney Spears
Credit: Larry Busacca

Watch out, Brandy. Britney Spears may be getting her own TV series. Columbia TriStar Television will announce within the next 72 hours that Spears, whose album ”…Baby One More Time” is No. 3 on the Billboard chart, has signed an exclusive development deal with the studio. Columbia TriStar, which produces the teen hits ”Dawson’s Creek” and ”Party of Five,” will have 18 months to pitch Spears show ideas, according to her comanager, Larry Rudolph. ”She wouldn’t like to do a sitcom,” Rudolph tells Entertainment Weekly Online, ”but (Columbia TriStar) does the exact type of dramas that Britney WOULD like to do.” A studio source confirms the deal, though neither side will disclose the financial terms.

But don’t program your VCR just yet. Any series is still eons away in teen-stardom years. Cameras wouldn’t roll until after Spears, 17, releases her next album, which is expected in spring 2000. That’s not to say she’s camera-shy: As part of her new relationship with Columbia TriStar, Spears will likely guest-star in a three-episode ”Dawson’s Creek” story arc next season. She has had one meeting with the show’s producers, who haven’t submitted any character or story ideas yet, but she has — no surprise — approval over that too. And her rules are strict: She told Entertainment Weekly (March 5 issue), ”I won’t play somebody mean, and I won’t play myself.”

Thanks to the success of her sexy-schoolgirl video hit, ”…Baby One More Time,” Spears has also been deluged with ”countless solicitations” from movie producers, says Rudolph — though for now she’d prefer to stick to TV. There would be exceptions, however. ”She’s a huge Ben Affleck fan,” says Rudolph, ”and she’d love to do a movie with him.” ”Good Will Hunting: The High School Years” anyone?

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