The best movie related websites for the week of March 12, 1999

By EW Staff
Updated March 12, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

What to Surf – Movie Websites

Movies Best of Breed
The Big List of Movie Mistakes
You don’t have to be a perfectionist to relish Britisher Jon Sandy’s compilation of on-screen goofs (Halloween‘s Michael Myers gets shot seven times with a six-shooter; Pretty Woman‘s Richard Gere calls his consort “Julia” instead of her character’s name “Vivian”). Accuracy isn’t guaranteed, but still, it?s fun pondering such questions as this: Nobody was in the room with Charles Foster Kane when he died — so how did they know his final word was “Rosebud”? A

Motion Picture Collection of the Library of Congress
Oodles of downloadable early celluloid: the real Buffalo Bill’s Wild West parade, President McKinley’s taking the oath of office, and 341 brief films by the father of it all, Thomas Edison. The “Variety Stage” section offers 61 films of burlesque, comedy and drama from 1897 to 1920. B

Indulge your voyeuristic with video footage from private homes or public places: surveillance shots of the Kremlin, streaming video of an insect zoo in Iowa, slide shows of baguette buyers in France. Aspiring videographers can get info in forums; the rest of us can chat via live video with celebs like Julia Sweeney. Cam-tastic. B+
Have yourself a Doc Holliday at this trivia-, audio-, and video-laden site about cowpoke cinema, where you can hear John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and even Gabby Hayes drawling and brawling, watch any of 39 full-length Westerns in their entirety, or order any of 100 films on video. A-

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation
The G.R.A.F. annually bestows the Razzie — Oscar?s dark doppelganger — to the year?s worst films. The organization?s amusing site offers droll updates and news flashes about the medium we hate to love. B+