By Chris Willman
Updated March 12, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

You don’t have to be caught in a time warp to believe that, 25 years later, Rocky remains the best rock musical ever, couching some fairly serious satire about the sexual revolution in camp camouflage. Not to say that it couldn’t stand more reinvention than it gets in this revival, updated solely by unremarkable sci-fi costumes, designed in part by Todd Oldham. But modeling lingerie as Frank N. Furter, David Arquette (Scream) — unsteady in heels but assisted in his arch otherworldliness by one outrageously arched Joan Crawford eyebrow — gives perfectly good fey (he’ll soon be replaced by Bob Simon). And how many chances will you get to enjoy Richard O’Brien’s brilliant score without getting zonked in the head by toast? B+

The Rocky Horror Show (stage)

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