Ed Wood Jr., Josie Lloyd, and Emlyn Rees made news March 12, 1999

By Clarissa Cruz and Matthew Flamm
Updated March 12, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

It’s taken only 20 years, but Hollywood Rat Race, the ultimate guide to Hollywood from the one and only Ed Wood Jr., is finally here. The cross-dressing director of Glen or Glenda — played by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s 1994 film Ed Wood — wrote the book while dodging bill collectors during the 1960s. He was never able to find a publisher, and when he died in 1978, the manuscript was left to his widow, Kathleen O’Hara Wood. ”It’s half memoir, half advice to a young actor,” says Robert Weinberg, O’Hara Wood’s lawyer, who brought the book to the indie house Four Walls Eight Windows and is now battling a claim on the estate by Wood’s first wife, Norma McCarty. ”There was no intervening divorce,” claims McCarty’s lawyer, Dan Hogue. Four Walls is also readying reissues of two of Wood’s pulp novels, Killer in Drag and Death of a Transvestite.

It’s a match made in publicity heaven: In 1997, British writers Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees met at a cafe and decided to write a he-said, she-said novel about a burgeoning love affair. After a bidding war that yielded a six-figure, two-book deal for the comely pair from Random House, the two started work on the manuscript…and fell in love. They’re set to marry this September, and the book, Come Together (which Villard will release here in April), is currently a London Sunday Times best-seller. Though some cynics are calling the wedding a marketing ploy, Villard publicist Brian McLendon says it’s for real.