The 15 hottest topics the week of March 5, 1999

By Jim Mullen
Updated March 05, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

1 Monica Lewinsky’s interview
For those who find her fascinating and must know more about her. Both of you.

2 Ally McBeal
The good news: She kissed her married partner. The bad news: The firm just hired Ken Starr.

3 Scary Spice
The first Spice Girl to have a baby. She wants to be a very involved mother — she plans to pick the nanny herself.

4 Calvin Klein
Several groups protested his billboard showing tots in their underwear. It blocked their view of the XXX Theater marquee.

5 Kate Moss
She admits abusing alcohol and drugs for years. Besides her agency, her employers, her friends, and the public, who could have known?

6 Blondie
The ’70s pop-punk band is out on tour promoting a new album. At least they didn’t have to change their name to Baldie.

7 Garth Brooks
The country star is trying out for a spot with the San Diego Padres. He wants to play first bass.

8 Lansky
Richard Dreyfuss plays the Mob’s most famous financial wizard. Parental warning: excessive use of red ink.

9 Madonna
For $39,000 you can buy her used gym equipment. Or you could have your head examined.

10 Just the Ticket
Andie MacDowell wants Andy Garcia to get a ”real” job. Who’s going to bring a date to this movie?

11 Darthmouth
They’re forcing all their frats to become coed. How do you say ”Put the toilet seat down” in Greek?

12 Spring training
Baseball players brush up on their basic skills — chewing, spitting, scratching, and swearing.

13 Senator Hillary
The pundits wonder if born-and-bred New Yorkers will vote for a carpetbagger. Why don’t they go to Florida and ask one?

14 Ted Turner
He apologized to the Pope and to Poland in the same week. Don Rickles has to stop writing his speeches.

15 Eight Millimeter
Nicolas Cage investigates a murder in the dirty-movie business. It was originally called 35 Millimeter, but they had to make a lot of cuts.