The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide

Chris Gore (lone eagle, $14.95) Aspiring Todd Solondzes simply must pick up The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, a treatise on schmoozing, bullying, and otherwise weaseling one’s way into the cinematic madness known as film festivals. Penned by Film Threat magazine editor and fest vet Gore, this nifty tome is part silly party-crashing guide (”Do not, as I have done, mercilessly criticize the award-winning festival film as a total piece of crap when the director can hear you”), but primarily it’s a straight-up collection of submission tips, interviews with programming honchos, and listings that include everything from acceptance odds to best morning-after hangouts. You’ll be hobnobbing with Parker Posey and Steve Buscemi before you know it. A-

The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide
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