Is there a 'Dawson's Creek' backlash? -- New shows like ''Freaks and Geeks'' are aiming to be completely different from the WB's hit drama

By Kristen Baldwin
Updated February 19, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Now that teens have become the target audience du jour, you’d think every TV exec would be scrambling to duplicate the WB hit Dawson’s Creek. But believe it or not, some TV producers are brag- ging that their adolescent-themed projects planned for fall will be completely…different. Like Freaks and Geeks, a DreamWorks pilot NBC ordered that is reportedly about ”the kids they don’t talk about on Dawson’s Creek.”

Similarly, 17-year-old Los Angeles scribe/student Maggie Whorf is shopping around a series based on her Flypaper Press comic book Bohos, about four urban teens. The concept is aimed at ”the anti-Dawson‘s crowd,” she says. ”I don’t identify with that show. I love [Dawson‘s creator] Kevin Williamson, but it comes out sappy.” (For the record, Whorf isn’t crazy about Felicity, either: ”She’s really earnest — blech!”) While Bohos is piquing interest — one film studio that owns a TV network has suggested a series and a feature — no deals have been signed.

Meanwhile, Paul Stupin, Dawson‘s exec producer, isn’t concerned about the rise of the anti-Creeks. ”That we’re being referenced indicates that we’ve filtered into the programming consciousness,” he says. ”It’s flattering — in a backhanded sort of way.”

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