The best online quotes, featuring Alicia Silverstone and Jim Carrey

By EW Staff
February 19, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

”I don’t know why everybody thinks he’s so crazy. I think he seems so adorable. I think maybe I was his mom in a past life or something….” — Blast From the Past‘s Alicia SIlverstone getting maternal about costar Christopher Walken, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I can say that except for the snotty critics, it has been a wonderful experience.” — Lea Thompson on starring in Caroline in the City, on E! Online

”The butt-talking is basically, to me…like the perfect expression of rebelling. It doesn’t hurt anybody, but it’s the ultimate insult. I have to use it sparingly.” — Jim Carrey on why he lets his mouth do most of the talking, on AOL