By Gary Eng Walk
Updated February 05, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

South Park

(Acclaim Entertainment; for Nintendo 64, $55-65, and PC, $40-50) Every bit as puerile as the TV show, thank God. If it’s just you and your bag of Cheesy Poofs, there’s the single-player mode, which pits Cartman, Kyle, Stan, or Kenny against turkeys, mad robots, and regurgitating dolls. The multiplayer part adds 20 supporting characters — like the Isaac Hayes-voiced Chef — and weapons like cow launchers, flatulent Terrance & Phillip dolls, and toilet-plunger guns. The aim? Kill everyone (especially Kenny). Incorrigible but admittedly one @#%&! good time. B

Populous: The Beginning

(Electronic Arts, for PC, $49.95) Hey, megalomaniac! You’re an almighty shaman who must become the Supreme Being by conquering the universe, one detailed 3-D planet at a time. Though each world is populated by blindly devoted worshipers who add to your power by praying to totems erected in your honor, enemy factions plot against you. Too bad for them, because you can unleash catastrophic spells (raise volcanoes, unleash swarms of flesh-eating bugs) that can quickly make zealots out of heathens. If you were into zapping ants with your magnifying glass as a kid, you’ll love Populous. Oh, the ego gratification! B+

Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

(GT Interactive, for PlayStation and PC, $44.95) Abe, the bug-eyed alien from last year’s best-selling Abe’s Oddysee, is back and there are even more Mudokons — Odd-speak for his race of slave laborers — to save from the oppressive Glukkons, who this time want to harvest their tears for a hearty brew called SoulStorm. Exoddus is even freakier than the original, mostly because now the game’s about more than simply circumnavigating obstacles. Mudokons are a lot more emotive, which means you must act as counselor to the different psyches — say ”sorry” to the manic-depressives and slap the hyperactives — to make them follow you to freedom. All that’s missing is the group hug. A-


(Hasbro Interactive, for N64 and PC, $59.95 for N64, $39.95 for PC) The latest critter-based game features a white glove with Hamburger Helper attributes. Despite the unconventional casting, though, this is just as guilty as the next game of going through the motions: Blink and you may think you’re collecting coins in Mario 64 instead of collecting crystals in Glover. A rubber ball, which Glover can use to swat at foes or run on for transportation, saves the game from being totally indistinguishable. Still, it’s a few fingers short of white-knuckle excitement. B-