Monica Lewinsky sparks interest in a hat -- The infamous intern sported a TSG cap and demand increased

By Suna Chang
Updated February 05, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Behold the power of Monica Lewinsky. The famous intern has sparked another stir with a hat. When she went to Washington to be questioned by House prosecutors, she wore a cap emblazoned with TSG, a logo for New York film-production company the Shooting Gallery. Quicker than you can say Linda Tripp, a TSG spokesman says the company began receiving ”hundreds of phone calls” asking for the cap. Lewinsky got hers as a gift from a former TSG intern — not, as rumored, from Jonathan Marshall, TSG’s in-house counsel. (The $17 cap is available on the company’s website and, soon, the online auction site eBay.) No word on whether TSG will put its logo on a beret.