Highlights of TV's Winter Press Tour -- UPN's ''Dilbert,'' David Boreanaz, and NBC's Entertainment president Scott Sassa

By Shawna Malcom
Updated February 05, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Think making it through an episode of The Nanny is a test of endurance? Try attending the TV industry’s Winter Press Tour. Recently held at a Pasadena hotel, the event was a 15-day marathon of parties, press conferences, and rubber-chicken lunches. Highlights:

Man of the Hour The tour’s hottest star? New NBC Entertainment prez Scott Sassa, who proved Must See-worthy at the net’s fete. A barrage of A-listers (like Friends Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry) made a point of cozying up to the BMOC for pics.

On the Job For its new ‘toon Dilbert, UPN staged an obstacle course in which fans dressed as cubicle nerds completed such titillating tasks as ”punching in on time” and ”dunking the boss.” After a tedious 90 minutes, even the celebs were ready to complain to human resources. Groaned costar Kathy Griffin: ”Watching that poor guy get dunked was not unlike Nicolas Cage watching a snuff film in [8MM]. I had to turn away. I felt so dirty.”

Dis Me Once At a press conference for The WB’s Movie Stars(debuting this spring), former L.A. Lawyer Harry Hamlin was asked how it felt to no longer be the Sexiest Man Alive. The former PEOPLE cover hunk retorted, ”You’d have to ask Corbin Bernsen.”

Dis Me Twice Buffy‘s babe-magnetic David Boreanaz proved he really can bare fangs. At the WB soiree, he vented about his show’s Golden Globe snub: ”We got ripped off. We really thought we’d get a [nomination] or two. But hey, we’re not as commercial as that other WB show” (a.k.a. Felicity, which got two nods).

One for the Monologue? When Martial Law newcomer Arsenio Hall was asked how he’d landed his job, he cracked: ”[CBS TV president] Les Moonves said, ‘We need a big mouth.’ I don’t know, who do you call? Me or Monica Lewinsky?”