EW grades the movies and their tie-in websites

By EW Staff
Updated February 05, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Another Day In Paradise

Movie Grade B+ Website Grade C+

(www.dayinparadise.com) Melanie Griffith and James Woods make lovable thieving druggies in this lowlife drama. But the meager trailer, photos, and production notes online will leave you jonesing for a bigger fix.

At First Sight

Movie Grade C- Website Grade C+

(www.mgm.com/atfirstsight) Mira Sorvino falls for a blind Val Kilmer and gets him an operation that helps him see. So why can’t the Web team see how uninspired their text-only background pages are?

Hilary and Jackie

Movie Grade A- Website Grade B+

(www.octoberfilms.com/hilary-jackie) Not sure if America will appreciate a sad story about a cellist and her sister, but the elegant site sold me with its trailers, downloadable classical tracks, and theater listings.

In Dreams

Movie Grade C- Website Grade B-

(www.asylum.com/indreams) Dark and eerie, both movie and site look great but fail to engage viewers. Think a Nightmare on Elm Street knockoff with a ho-hum online trailer and plot promo. Is Hollywood out of dreams?

Varsity Blues

Movie Grade B Website Grade B

(www.varsitybluesmovie.com) Formulaic Americana in three flavors: a Dawson’s Creek star for the girls; high school football memories for the boys; cast bios, interviews, postcards, and screensaver for webheads.