Mira Sorvino, Jon Stewart, Tom Hanks, and Val Kilmer all chatted online the week of January 29 to February 4, 1999

By EW Staff
Updated February 05, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

”I’m an actor who sings and dances, not the other way around. On Summer of Sam we would go to the hustle practice [during] nights, and we were always the worst kids on the floor.”
Mira Sorvino on practicing for her disco-dancing role in Spike Lee’s upcoming movie, on Entertainment Weekly Online

”Just getting up to speed is the issue. I feel like the fat guy at the gym. Everybody’s in great shape, and I wheeze when I pick up my coat.”
The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart on taking on his new hosting duties, on E! Online

”They’re right up there with the horse ribbons. Got a lot of riders in my family.”
Tom Hanks on where he keeps his awards, on Entertainment Asylum via America Online Live

”Half of it. The same half everybody else saw, but I had to turn it off. Especially when I saw a picture of that silver Batsuit. Wow. It was hard enough wearing the black one.”
Val Kilmer on whether he saw Batman &amp Robin, on Mr. Showbiz