January 22, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

PROJECT A new No Doubt CD.
THE DETAILS The band returned to the studio late last year committed to making sure its summer release (a) showcases the group’s heretofore undemonstrated range as musicians and (b) separates No Doubt from the rest of the ska nation.
AT STAKE Since the star-making success of 1995’s Tragic Kingdom (more than 8 million records sold in the U.S.), those hiccuping beats Gwen Stefani brought to the heartland have been heavily diluted by an army of one-trick copycat bands.
LIFE AFTER SKA The band has written about 30 new songs, with material ranging from the usual ”punk-rock drums and crazy guitar stuff,” says a source close to the quartet, to one track that utilizes an entire 18-piece orchestra. Producers are still being interviewed (though Marilyn Manson’s producer, Michael Beinhorn, known for crafting huge, headbanging walls of sound, is a contender).
WILL GWEN STILL WEAT A DOT ON HER FOREHEAD? ”No comment,” says the band’s publicist, but expect a new look during the band’s fall tour.

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