January 22, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

1 Gwyneth and Ben
The glam couple reportedly broke up. They both took it so hard, it was days before they started dating again.

2 The Golden Globe Awards
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association picks its favorite movies and TV shows. It’s the only time some of them ever get to vote.

3 Brad Pitt
A woman was caught alone in his house wearing his clothes. She needs a lot of help — she thought she was in Leonardo DiCaprio’s house.

4 Prince Edward
His bride-to-be has announced that she doesn’t want the title ”princess.” She prefers ”Sophie Spice.”

5 Michael Jordan
It looks like he’ll retire at 35. He doesn’t want to spend his golden years working two hours every other day for half the year.

6 Giant solar flares
Scientists say these, not asteroids, could destroy Earth. Is there enough time to make big-budget movies about them?

7 Rod Stewart
He and model Rachel Hunter are splitting. She says he spends too much time on his hair.

8 The Sundance Film Festival
The place where an independent filmmaker can be broke at breakfast, a millionaire by lunch, and divorced and on Prozac by dinner.

9 Eddie Bauer
Three people have been killed over their $300 parkas. They’ll still receive catalogs, however.

10 Internet Stocks
Only one thing can stop the price of Yahoo! and eBAY shares from going up: you buying some.

11 Disney Recall
It’s pulling 3.4 million copies of The Rescuers that mistakenly contain two things it doesn’t want children to see — Antz and Rugrats.

12 The Sopranos
A show about a Mafia kingpin who visits a shrink. Can’t he read Chicken Soup for the Hitman’s Soul?

13 Virus
Jamie Lee Curtis must save the human race from a creepy outer-space creature. Unfortunately, it’s not covered by her HMO.

14 Varsity Blues
A football player at a small high school would rather read books than play. Where did we go wrong?

15 A dog’s life
A German shepherd worth $200 million is in the news. What’s odd are those claiming to be his relatives.

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