January 22, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Can’t get enough of A Civil Action? Get on line. That is, get online. There are nearly a dozen websites related to the John Travolta courtroom drama about attorney Jan Schlichtmann, who represented eight Woburn, Mass., families in a lawsuit against W.R. Grace &amp Co. and Beatrice Foods for alleged water pollution. Here, our guide to what you’ll find — and what you may wish you hadn’t.

Site http://www.acivilaction.com, the official page
Highlights Clear case breakdown, updates on ”the real people”
Lowlights Dating Game-style narratives: ”His specialty is environmental law, which complements his interests in downhill skiing and mountain biking.”

Site http://www.kileylaw.com, from Thomas M. Kiley, Esq., &amp Associates, Schlichtmann’s current firm
Highlights Links to news stories about the case, the book, and the film
Lowlights A crassly commercial plea to e-mail Schlichtmann — especially if you have a personal-injury or medical-malpractice case

Site http://oasis.bellevue.k12.wa.us/cheeseb, home page of William J. Cheeseman, a lawyer who represented W.R. Grace
Highlights Photos Cheeseman took on the set
Lowlights Photos Cheeseman took on the set

Site http://www.geology.ohio-state.edu/courtroom
Highlights Photos, maps, surveys, and geological analyses of the polluted areas
Lowlights Can you read a potentiometric surface map?

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