January 22, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

PROJECT ABC’s mid-season replacement It’s Like, You Know…, a new sitcom from a former member of the Seinfeld creative team.
THE DETAILS Forget about who got the time slot — this is the real post-”nothing” sitcom, replete with meaningless banter (”That’s how you tie your shoelaces — the two loops?”), superficial one-upmanship, and musings about sex and car chases. Created by Seinfeld writer and producer Peter Mehlman (famous for the line ”They’re real and they’re spectacular”), Like is about an uptight New Yorker (Chris Eigeman) living in California with quirky, layabout Los Angelenos (Steven Eckholdt, Evan Handler, A.J. Langer, and, as herself, Dirty Dancing‘s Jennifer Grey).
IS IT SPONGE-WORTHY? ”The good news is, it’s indescribable,” says executive producer Ted Harbert, who adds, ”For clever jokes, meaningful characters, and stories to get invested in, look someplace else.” That may have worked for the fab foursome, but ABC will have to give the show time to master its domain.
WILL FREEWAY JOKES PLAY AS WELL AS THE SOUP NAZI? ”Carson and Leno have made fun of L.A. for decades,” says Harbert. ”It’s a national pastime.”

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