Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

By EW Staff
January 15, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

We got mail, and lots of it, in response to our piece on Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ You’ve Got Mail. Some readers, like Gina Plowman of Johnson City, Tenn., were even prompted to share their own stories of virtual love: ”I used to make fun of people who met and dated online, until this past summer,” when her chat-room relationship turned into a real-life engagement. Meanwhile our cheeky item on Nicole Kidman’s naked turn in The Blue Room drew the ire of several readers, including Craig J. MacDougall of New York City. He complains (!?): ”You even highlighted the best seats from which to gawk at her body. I am surprised that you didn’t encourage viewers to bring binoculars.” Why didn’t we think of that?

Postal Attraction
I was completely thrilled when I saw Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan on your cover. They are just so cute together and the most elegant couple on the screen. Thanks also to Benjamin Svetkey for the wonderful article. Tom and Meg, ”You’ve Got Me” as your fan forever.
Vicky Luong
Austin, Tex.

I must say that I was very impressed with your article on Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ new movie You’ve Got Mail. I have been a member of the online community for quite some time now. And I do believe that people can fall in love over the Net. Many of my friends have had relationships with people they met online, and a few have even gotten married. Regardless, I think a lot of people will be heading to the box office to see this movie. I mean, come on, Meg Ryan is reason enough to see it. Not to mention that Ryan and Hanks make a wonderful couple.
Scot Wisniewski
Auburn, N.Y.

I find it quite humorous that some of the stories on You’ve Got Mail debate whether the movie will be another Sleepless in Seattle yet none contemplates the possibility of the movie being akin to the other Ryan/Hanks film, Joe Versus the Volcano.
Michael P. Fried
Cedarhurst, N.Y.

Seeing Double
Did anyone else notice how Moses in The Prince of Egypt was made to look like Steven Spielberg? Plus, the film opened on Spielberg’s birthday!
Lindsay Meck
Oxford, Ohio

EDITOR’S NOTE: We think Spielberg looks more like Aaron, but you decide.

Good Heavens!
Kudos to Ken Tucker for his excellent 7th Heaven! The characters are great and the story lines fantastic! And finally, a show you can watch with your children (or your parents) and not get embarrassed!
Dennis M. McCartney
Westlake, Ohio

I am both surprised and concerned by Brenda Hampton’s [creator and writer of 7th Heaven] statements regarding The WB’s marketing and promotion of 7th Heaven. Not only does 7th Heaven receive more ”hits” each week promotionally than any other show on The WB, but it is also positioned to appeal to both young people and their parents. The two episodes singled out in EW (”Johnny Get Your Gun” and ”Let’s Talk About Sex”) were ratings winners because they were both life-changing and defining episodes (thank you, Brenda), but also because we did our job by producing and airing the best possible promotion for both episodes.
David Zaccaria
Vice President On-Air Promotion The WB Television Network

Differing Hues
I just read the article ”Just Say Yo” by Daniel Fierman on the James Toback film Black and White and feel frustrated by its misrepresentative tone. I am certain, from what I witnessed on the set and in dailies, that Black and White is going to be an ambitious movie. Having spoken regularly with the other actors in the film, I can say unequivocally that they share the same excitement about working on the film and its unique essence. It is rare to be able to work in an environment that is as artistically permissive as the one James Toback created. Although at times unconventional, it was by no means unprofessional or a disaster. Any discomfort any of the actors may have felt stemmed from individual insecurities rather than lack of faith in the process. I hope in the future your magazine, of which I have been a longtime supporter, will cover Black and White with the attention it deserves.
Brooke Shields
Los Angeles