A look at the new cK one advertising campaign -- Fans of the fragrance can communicate with the characters of the broadcast and print ads via email

By Gillian Flynn
Updated January 15, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

It’s tough when a product has a more interesting life than you. Tia just moved to New York for a fabulous job producing TV spots. She works with director Robert, who’s got a nasty rep and a fondness for brandy. Then there’s Anna, who fears her beloved might fall for an ex-friend. They’re all part of a new campaign for Calvin Klein scent cK one, with print and broadcast ads featuring each character’s e-mail address. Write once, and you’ll receive regular updates of the soap opera. Still, the relationship can be a bit one-sided: You may tell Anna your deepest fears but you’ll get a bubbly reply composed by copywriters to reflect her ”personality.” And unless you send an e-mail titled ”Get Lost,” you’ll be hearing from your new friends for a long time: A CK rep says the drama could go on for years.