Julia Louis-Dreyfus has ant hair clips made -- The ''A Bug's Life'' voice honored the tiny creatures for the movie premiere

By Degen Pener
January 15, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST
  • Movie

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has ant hair clips made

Time to mothball those butterflies. Fashion’s newest insect is the ant. For the premiere of A Bug’s Life, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (the voice of neurotic Princess Atta) asked jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino for a pair of ant hair clips. ”Now I’m adding them to the spring line,” says Tarantino, who sells her wares at Barneys New York. Tarantino’s ants are sleek but bound to bug entomologists: Like the movie creepers, her critters are anatomically incorrect, boasting only four — as opposed to the requisite six — legs. Bugger.