Extinction Level Event -- The Final World Front

Busta Rhymes continues to be the Jackie Chan of hip-hop, karate-chopping up mountains of rhymes with a maniacal fervor (and a charming, cartoonish persona) with Extinction Level Event—The Final World Front. He may be one of the few rappers who can make tall tales of sex and success seem funny: Who else could rhyme ”frappuccino mocha” with ”gun in my holster”? (His recent arrest for gun possession only adds to the amusement.) The beats and sound effects don’t always live up to Rhymes’ energy level, but there’s enough gothic funk on tracks like ”Tear the Roof Off” and ”Do the Bus a Bus” to compensate for the cliches, like another remake of Black Sabbath’s ”Iron Man.” B

Extinction Level Event -- The Final World Front
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