Quotes from Beck, Winona Ryder, Harry Knowles, and Dave Foley

By EW Staff
January 15, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

”It just didn’t fit. It seemed to disrupt the whole mood. It was like a pleasant party with the obnoxious, surly guest, so we put it at the end. It’s kind of a nice indicator of things to come.”
Beck on why he put a hidden track, ”Diamond Bollocks,” on Mutations, on allstarmag.com

”I was never like an overnight sensation. I’m just kind of there. Certainly there’s nothing Leonardo-ish about me right now.”
Winona Ryder on why the paparazzi don’t hound her, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I have a crew that wanders the streets of Hollywood with baseball bats with nails driven in them and beats the hell out of movie executives to get info.”
Harry Knowles on how he gets stories for his film website, Ain’t It Cool News, on RealHollywood.com

”He runs afoul of the community because ants aren’t really known for their innovation, mostly known for the strictly regimented society — much like Canadians.”
Toronto native Dave Foley on his A Bug’s Life character, on Entertainment Tonight Online