January 08, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

It’s less than a year away. What are your plans for December 31, 1999?

Sean ”Puffy” Combs I’m having a big party in Miami.

Vicki Lewis (NewsRadio) I plan to blow up Bill Gates’ computer.

Seth Green (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) I’m going to get a pedicure and spend time in a sensory-deprivation tank contemplating what I can do to kill the Y2K bug.

Portia de Rossi (Ally McBeal) I’m from Australia, so my friends and I are going to the middle of Australia to sit on a lot of dry, flat earth and drink beer.

Ian McKellen (Gods and Monsters) I’ve discussed all sorts of options, including seeing the millennium at Mount Everest. But I live half a mile from the longitude line in Greenwich [England], where there will be all sorts of festivities. So it seems a bit perverse not to spend it there.

F. Gary Gray (director, The Negotiator) Staying away from New York so I can live to see the millennium. It’s going to be a nuthouse in Times Square.

Micky Dolenz Probably trying to keep my computer from crashing.

Danny Masterson (That ’70s Show) I’ll be naked the entire day.

Chris Tucker I’m going to church. Seriously.

Edward Furlong (American History X) I want to go to New Orleans and get a room on Bourbon Street. Or maybe in New York. And definitely getting wasted.

Liv Tyler My godmother lives in New Orleans in the French Quarter. She has a big beautiful costume party every year, so I might do that.

John Henton (The Hughleys) I’ll be getting away from anything with a [computerized] timer on it.

Wim Wenders A movie sounds nice. But I wonder if they will be showing anything that night.

Roberto Benigni (Life Is Beautiful) In Rome at the Jubilee 2000 with the Pope. It should be a big Pope party. Everyone who is supposed to go to heaven is invited.

Howie Mandel It’s tough to make plans, but I’m definitely going to have lunch. Then I’m going to work around that.

Sandra Bernhard Rock the sh–!

Jerry Springer I was around at the turn of the last millennium, so hopefully I’ll have as good of a time for this one. Seriously, I’d love to have a blowout show with our most outrageous guests.

Rupert Everett I want to be in an airplane. But all of the computers are changing, so I could crash. [The millennium’s] important, though; it’ll determine the rest of your life.

Michael Caine We’re [he and wife Shakira] going to spend the millennium at home. Because we’re afraid if you have to fly and all the computers go down, you won’t be able to get home.

Rob Reiner Running for the hills.

Jerry Seinfeld I’m just going to watch my digital watch to see what it does.

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