Movies and their tie-in websites -- A look at ''Patch Adams,'' ''The Prince of Egypt,'' and ''Stepmom''

Movies and their tie-in websites

Patch Adams
Movie Grade F
Website Grade B-
Can laughter heal the sick? Can Robin Williams play a character any more like himself? Can Patch avoid the made-me-laugh-made-me-cry cliches? Can the website — a few trailers and production notes — veer any further from funny? Nope.

The Prince of Egypt
Movie Grade B
Website Grade B
A princely congregation of celebrities lend their vocals to the feature and to the three different soundtracks — leaving the multilingual website to hawk the promo merch (music, books, and Wal-Mart deals) with a few neat audio/video downloads.

Star Trek: Insurrection
Movie Grade C
Website Grade A+
As a proper-ty, Star Trek reached its final frontier years ago, but that doesn’t stop the site from sporting an otherworldly (and awesome) animated interface with interactive you-make-the-decision story lines.

Movie Grade C
Website Grade B+
It’s a chick flick-and-click: Julia Roberts’ and Susan Sarandon’s performances tug at the heartstrings, while the website displays family values by posting children’s submitted drawings and remarriage and divorce advice.

You’ve Got Mail
Movie Grade B
Website Grade A
It’s all about charm: Rival-bookstore owners Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have it, their on-screen neighborhood has it — even the website has the couple’s cute e-mail logs, Upper West Side tour, plus an audio interview with director Nora Ephron.