Awards for Hollywood's biggest party people -- Madonna, Jewel, and Jenny McCarthy were among the best, the worst, and the unforgettable in revelry in 1998

Who needs to party like it’s 1999? For Hollywood’s glitterati, getting down and funky in 1998 was more than enough. In the last 12 months, the celeb set celebrated at more than 400 affairs to rmember, including premieres, awards shows, fund-raisers, and other industry soirees. ”It’s fun to see what [stars] look like in real life,” Just Shoot Me‘s David Spade explained at the summer’s MTV Video Music Awards. ”I don’t ever see these people, because they’re not at Taco Bell like I am.” Of course, the glamorous life can get overwhelming. After his first trip to the Emmy Awards in September, The Practice‘s Dylan McDermott summed up: ”It’s absolute insanity.” Herewith, highlights from the madness, in the form of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s second annual Party Awards:

The Frequent-Flier Trophy to Kevin Spacey, who left his London stage production of The Iceman Cometh to attend the L.A. opening of The Negotiator for a few brief minutes. The actor made the London-New York-L.A.-New York-London journey via Concorde and private jet in less than 24 hours.

The Rush Limbaugh Insensitivity Award to Madonna, who flaunted an exposed nipple, via a revealing Versace gown, at the Fire &amp Ice Ball, which raises funds for breast-cancer research. Runner-up: Madonna, at the MTV Video Music Awards, where she offended Hindus by combining religious mehndi markings with sexually suggestive clothing and dancing.

The Most Intrepid Appearance By a Celeb to Rose McGowan (Scream), who made freak-show boyfriend Marilyn Manson look downright conservative when she wore a barely, barely there chain-link dress to the MTV Video Music Awards.

A Box of Lee Press-On Nails to Jewel. After playing a few licks at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in New York, the singer stopped mid-song to ask if anyone had a nail clipper. After procuring one from a fan, she proceeded to entertain guests with an impromptu onstage manicure.

The Party Least Likely To Be Endorsed By Martha Stewart to the glumly inappropriate spectacle PolyGram concocted for Return to Paradise. After watching hellish scenes of torture in a Third World prison, the audience was shepherded to a re-creation of a Malaysian street market, complete with a penful of live chickens next to the chicken-kabob booth. Paradise‘s Vince Vaughn compared the party to a funeral.

The Don Ho Commemorative Luau Prize to Disney, which created a Hawaiian feast — replete with coconut-shell drinks and bushels of lobster — for the premiere of Six Days, Seven Nights. The lavish spread had better production values than the movie itself.