What TV show, movie, or event sums up 1998? -- Tom Hanks, Christina Ricci, and Robert Downey Jr. share their opinions

Peter Berg (CBS’ Chicago Hope; director, Very Bad Things) ”This was clearly the year for exploring dysfunction: I was a big fan of Happiness, I was a big fan of this English film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and I was a big fan of Your Friends &amp Neighbors. I’m in the camp right now of getting off on independent films.”

Tom Hanks (You’ve Got Mail) ”CNN’s Cold War series”

Ted Danson (CBS’ Becker) ”Pleasantville

Robert Downey Jr. (Two Girls and a Guy): ”The Mulan soundtrack. I’ve heard it 300,000 times since I saw it with my kid. It’s like a mantra.”

Micky Dolenz (Ex-Monkee) ”Ally McBeal

Aida Quinn (Practical Magic) ”The Impostors. It’s an old-fashioned farce destined to be a classic.”

Magic Johnson (Ex-L.A. Laker and ex-talk-show host) ”My show, because it was a milestone for an athlete to have a late-night show”

Robert Forster (Psycho) ”Getting that Oscar nomination [for Jackie Brown], which has completely changed my life in a year’s time.”

John Waters (director, Pecker) ”Happiness. It’s definitely the strongest movie of the year.”

Jennifer Tilly (Bride of Chucky) ”Bridget Jones’s Diary. I gave copies to all of my friends. When you’re a thirtysomething single girl, you don’t have a lot of people you can identify with. But Bridget is like everyone I know.”

Bonnie Hunt (A Bug’s Life) ”The book Under the Tuscan Sun

Jerry Springer (Talk-show provocateur) ”My book Ringmaster!, because my life is a big circus”

Wendie Malick (NBC’s Just Shoot Me) ”She’s Come Undone. It’s an astonishing book.”

Kristin Scott Thomas (The Horse Whisperer) ”I saw the [Mark] Rothko and [Jackson] Pollock exhibits, and found them to be very inspiring, important. Nothing to do with Hollywood.”

Vicki Lewis (NBC’s NewsRadio) ”Barenaked Ladies. I’m so happy that they’re famous because I knew them when they weren’t. I’ve been obsessed with them forever.”

Dave Foley )A Bug’s Life, NBC’s NewsRadio) ”Barenaked Ladies. They’ve been great forever, and they’re finally being recognized for it.”

Lars Ulrich (Metallica) ”Buffalo 66. What a creative piece of film. It was funny and scary at the same time.”

Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: Insurrection) ”Jonathan Miller’s production of The Marriage of Figaro at the New York Metropolitan Opera was absolutely stupendous. That’s the cultural highlight for me. That and A Bug’s Life.”

Jodie Foster (Contact) ”Having my baby was the biggest event for me — and it’s meant I haven’t had a chance to see anything this year.”

Geoffrey Rush (Shakespeare in Love) ”It wasn’t made this year, but I saw The Sweet Hereafter in January. I liked Titanic, but when I saw that bus go down in a sheet of ice, the emotional residue was far greater than seeing the entire liner go down.”

Ron Howard (director, EdTV) ”Saving Private Ryan was powerful.”

John Singleton (director, Rosewood) ”Two of my favorite movies were Saving Private Ryan and There’s Something About Mary.”