The 15 hottest topics for 1998 include Viagra, ''Seinfeld,'' and George Michael

1 Monicagate
If you see anything about it on TV, could you tape it for me?

2 Leo
The Titanic disaster was the best thing to happen to him. How many people can say that?

3 Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire
It makes you remember why you love baseball — every 30 years, something exciting happens.

4 Jesse Ventura
The ex-athlete was elected governor of Minnesota. He wants to bring the honesty and integrity of pro wrestling to politics.

5 Godzilla
The tail was the size of this city bus. The eyeball was the size of this billboard. The plotline was as long as this sentence.

6 There’s Something About Mary
The gross-out comedy was a surprise hit. A surprise because even though it was dumb and childish, it didn’t star Adam Sandler.

7 Viagra
The label says death can be a side effect. Dr. Jack Kevorkian bought two cases.

8 Armageddon and Deep Impact
What if all intelligent life on Earth were wiped out? Dan Quayle would finally get to be President.

9 The Spice Girls
Ginger Spice left the English pop band. I blame Yoko Ono.

10 Seinfeld
Millions of fans held parties and packed bars and nightclubs to say goodbye. And had so much fun they decided never to stay home and watch TV on Thursday night again.

11 Ally McBeal
Fox’s hit TV show about a young, beautiful, single, miniskirted, well-paid lawyer. Who can’t identify with that?

12 Estrogen Rock
Celine, Jewel, Shania, Mariah, and Lauryn topped the charts. Soon Tower Records will merge with Victoria’s Secret.

13 John Glenn
The 77-year-old circled Earth for two weeks. Looking for a good parking spot.

14 George Michael
Cops and pop stars hanging out in public rest rooms. The only person you won’t find in there is a cleaning person.

15 Beloved
We hear it’s a moving, intense film of great import. Two for Antz, please.