1998: The Year in Review -- From July to December, we saw ''There's Something About Mary'' and Sean ''Puffy'' Combs turned 28

Jul. 1: Wedded Blitz
Barbra Streisand and James Brolin get married, but even love can’t conquer the bride’s need to release so many like-buttah-lensed pics you’d think she was hawking GE’s Soft White lightbulbs. To the dismay of Hollywood wedding planners, 1998’s other high-profile unions are, for the most part, low-key: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett kick things off by tying the knot on New Year’s Eve in Baltimore; Sharon Stone says ”I do” to Phil Bronstein Feb. 14 at her Benedict Canyon home; author Terry McMillan, 46, weds her How Stella Got Her Groove Back inspiration, Jonathan Plummer, 24, Labor Day weekend in Maui; Today‘s Matt Lauer and model Annette Roque throw a nuptial party Oct. 3 in Bridgehampton; Tony Curtis, 73, and longtime squeeze Jill Vandenberg, 28, get lucky in early November at the MGM Grand’s penthouse suite; Kate Winslet and her Hideous Kinky assistant director, Jim Threapleton, exchange vows Nov. 22 in an English village.

Some weddings ring more alarm bells than others. How long does anyone think pubescent partners Macaulay Culkin and Rachel Miner (June 21) will last? Longer than admitted back biter Marv Albert and ESPN producer Heather Faulkiner (Sept. 9)? Shorter than Scary Spice and her terpsichorean employee Jimmy Gulzar (Sept. 13)?

Meanwhile, Raoul Felder wannabes nationwide stay busy undoing plenty of I do’s. Roseanne gives husband No. 3 Ben Thomas his walking papers Jan. 8 (though — would you believe it? — they later reconcile); Demi Moore and Bruce Willis hit marital Armageddon June 24 after 11 years; Anna and Rupert Murdoch file for divorce July 21 after 31 years. Carol Channing files for divorce from Charles Lowe May 19 — and wins the Too Much Information Award, claiming they had sex only twice in 41 years. Others realize sooner, rather than later, when to break it off. Jennifer Lopez says adios to Ojani Noa in early March after a year. On Dec. 14, Linda Hamilton files to terminate her 1 1/2-year marriage to James Cameron. Producer Robert Evans splits with actress Catherine Oxenberg July 27 after only 12 days — which must seem like an eternity to Dennis Rodman, who was ready to annul his Nov. 14 marriage to Carmen Electra as soon as his hangover wore off.

Jul. 2: The Woodfather
A California jury makes Warner Bros. an offer it can’t refuse: Pay $20 million in compensatory damages to Francis Ford Coppola for blocking his proposed live-action Pinocchio. A week ]later, the court adds a $60 million punitive award. The judge rescinds the second fine Oct. 14, but the studio appeals the original decision calling its 1991 ”handshake” deal with the director a valid contract. Here’s a look at the Coppola film we’d have paid to see…

Jul. 8: Talk of the Town
Tina Brown announces she’s leaving her editorship at The New Yorker to launch Miramax’s Talk Media, which will produce a magazine called Talk — likely to feature stories that can be made into Miramax movies.

Jul. 15: Rising Fun
Damaged genitalia and an unorthodox hair-care product translate into a box office bonanza when the Farrelly brothers’ There’s Something About Mary hits theaters. Eight weekends and $130 million later, the comedy gags its way to No. 1 — possibly the longest climb to the top ever.

Jul. 17: Coitus Interruptus
Internet Entertainment Group denounces http://www.ourfirsttime.com as a hoax, pulling the plug on the planned Aug. 4 deflowering of teenage virgins ”Mike” and ”Diane.” The announcement comes just hours after the site’s creator cut a deal with IEG to host what they hoped would be the shag seen round the world.

Jul. 20: Little Man Foster
At 5:23 a.m., the world welcomes the arrival of 71/2-pound Charles Foster, son of actress Jodie Foster and…? The actress refuses to reveal the father’s identity.