The scariest villain, best overacting, and worst tag line are a few items that make the list

Best Non-Porn Titles That Could’ve Been Mistaken For Political Scandals
Pecker, What Dreams May Come, Slam, Two Girls and a Guy

Worst Title
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Scariest Villain
Stacy Keach’s neo-Nazi ringleader in American History X

Strongest Support
Paul Giamatti in The Negotiator, Saving Private Ryan, and The Truman Show

Most Marble-Mouthed Performer
Viggo Mortensen in A Perfect Murder and Psycho

Best Overacting
Tie: Kathy Bates in The Waterboy; John Malkovich in Rounders; the entire cast of The Big Hit

Worst Overacting
The entire cast of Armageddon

Best Catchphrase
”Let’s span time.”
Vincent Gallo in Buffalo 66

Most Surprising Ending
Tie: Waking Ned Devine; Wild Things

Least Surprising Ending

Most Welcome Ending
Meet Joe Black

Worst Movie Everyone Involved Had Had Anything To Do With
An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn

Worst Tag Line
”Every city has one.”
Monument Ave.

Most Attractive Prosthetic Enhancement
Natasha Lyonne’s cleavage in Slums of Beverly Hills

Ugliest Prosthetic Enhancement
Lin Shaye’s withered chest in There’s Something About Mary

Least in Need of Prosthetic Enhancement
A full-frontal Kevin Bacon in Wild Things

Best Hair
Anthony Hopkins’ flowing locks in The Mask of Zorro

Worst Hair
Josh Hartnett’s perpetual bedhead in Halloween: H20

Best Post-‘Seinfeld‘ Project
A Bug’s Life, which features Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the voice of a princess ant

Worst Post-‘Seinfeld‘ Project
Sour Grapes, sitcom cocreator Larry David’s aggressively unfunny first feature

Best Line
”I feel physically inadequate. My whole life…I’ve never been able to lift more than 10 times my own body weight.”
Woody Allen in Antz

Worst Line
”A bird could love a fish, but where would they live?”
Drew Barrymore in Ever After

Trendiest Plot Point
Assisted suicide. In Bulworth and A Friend of the Deceased, the protagonists hire hitmen to do them in; the Iranian film Taste of Cherry concerns a middle-aged man who asks passersby to help his suicide plans.

Least Probable Heartbreaker
Dustin Hoffman, whose shrink character in Sphere allegedly destroyed Sharon Stone’s psyche when he spurned her

Least Enticing Blurb
”…as ruthlessly beautiful and compelling as a geometrical theorem.”
David Cronenberg on Cube