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Alyssa Milano wins a battle against internet nudity; MTV develops a 'Celebrity Deathmatch' movie; Robin Williams is honored in cement

December 23, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

LEGAL WIN “Charmed” star Alyssa Milano has won the first battle in her quest to have unauthorized nude photos of her taken off the Internet: On Tuesday she was awarded $230,000 in a default judgment against one webmaster, John Lindgren, after he did not respond to the lawsuit she filed in April. He has also been barred from posting further pictures of her and must cover her $8,200 in legal fees.

IN THE WORKS MTV is reportedly considering a movie version of its popular claymation series “Celebrity Deathmatch.” Creator Eric Fogel has been drafting a script that one source called ” ‘Rocky’ meets ‘The Player’ ”…. There will be another Akira Kurosawa film, even though the Japanese auteur passed away in September at the age of 88. His longtime assistant director will film a script Kurosawa wrote, leaving copious directing notes behind as a blueprint. The screenplay, “Ame Agura” (“After the Rain”) is about a samurai who becomes obsessed with obtaining a lavish lifestyle.

HONORED Robin Williamsgot to leave an imprint of his hands and feet in the cement outside Hollywood’s legendary Mann’s Chinese Theater on Tuesday. The hyperactive actor donned his ubiquitous red nose from ”Patch Adams” for the honor, and undoubtedly did a riff on concrete.

TAKING HIS PUNISHMENT George Michael has finished the 80 hours of community service he was ordered to perform after pleading no contest to a lewd-conduct charge in April for his one-man act in a Will Rogers Park bathroom. Now that he’s finished and has paid the initial $910 fine, all that’s left of his mea culpa is his order to stay out of the park until his probation is over in 17 months.

JAILED The German promoter for the Three Tenors’ concerts in 1996-97, Matthias Hoffmann, has been found guilty of not paying nearly $10 million in taxes and was sentenced to five years and eight months in prison. A representative from the German court reportedly said that the operatic trio themselves are under investigation to discover if they had a role in the fraud.

SETTLED The Furby, the hot toy for this Christmas, will be getting a makeover thanks to an out-of-court settlement with Warner Bros., which maintains the furry talking toy bears too close a resemblance to Gizmo, the furry talking puppet from the 1984 movie ”Gremlins.” In addition to redesigning Furby, Hasbro, the company behind the hard-to-find $30 toy that is fetching more than $130 from desperate gift-hunting parents, is also paying an undisclosed seven-figure sum to Warner.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY In 1969, Elton John and lyricist Bernie Taupin begin a collaboration that has continued to this day…. Harry Shearer is born in 1943 and grows up to give birth to two of comedy’s greatest characters: ”This is Spinal Tap”’s bassist Derek Smalls and ”The Simpson”’s Mr. Burns…. In 1888, Vincent Van Gogh cuts off his left ear.

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