Spice Girl dolls, a Grinch robe, and a Don Knott shirt are just a few presents for your entertainment addict

Christmas and Chanukah shoppers, are you at your creative wits’ end? Don’t resort to that cheese-and-kielbasa gift pack just yet. While EW’s list of suggested pop-culture gewgaws may be cheesy in their own right, these potential presents are sure to make the entertainment addicts in your life as jolly as Santa.

Tied Up in Knotts
Combine Don Knotts chic with cozy cotton and you have a fashion statement that works from Mayberry to Manhattan.
Ideal gift for the civic-minded TV lover

Drip-dry with Dr. Seuss
You can bet Jim Carrey will be sporting this chenille wrap on the set when he plays Mr. Grinch in the upcoming film.
Ideal gift for the Mean One on your list

Vinyl Mania
Turn old dust-gathering album covers into funky wall hangings with a set of steel frames. Another groove-ifying idea is coasters made from actual vinyl record labels.
Ideal gift for music fans convinced vinyl’s staging a comeback

Beanbag Bonanza
These four freakylooking Spice Girls make awfully adorable stocking stuffers. The miniature Teletubbies, meanwhile, are as weird-looking as ever.
Ideal gift for the oddity-obsessed collector

Titanic Tote
Iceberg, schmiceberg — it’s never too late to accessorize. Throw this hand-painted, silk-lined wooden evening purse over a fancy gown for those nights when your oversize heart-shaped sapphire is being buffed. Sadly, the bag — like the boat — isn’t waterproof.
Ideal gift for the socialite Celine Dion fan

Life’s a Beach, Baby
It doesn’t matter which decade you’re sunbathing in, this psychedelic and colorful beach towel is everybody’s bag, man!
Ideal gift for the shagadelic swimmer

Over the Rainbow…
Forget ”there’s no place like home” — there’s no place like a hotel on Glinda Gardens. Play Monopoly with Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion pieces on an Oz-adapted board for hours of Free Parking fun.
Ideal gift for the capitalistic movie buff

&!?$#! Desk Mate
Not only can Cartman verbalize his anger (this one barks, ”I’m not fat, I’m big-boned!”), he holds pencils and sticky notes, too!
Ideal gift for the cranky cubicle dweller

Mad about…Teacups
Helen Hunt chose the design for these limited-edition Bailey’s Irish Cream mugs. Proceeds go to Hunt’s charity of choice, the Los Angeles Youth Network, which provides aid to homeless and runaway adolescents.
Ideal gift for the altruistic lush