John Glover plays the devil -- The ''Brimstone'' actor talks about hell and being a rotter

Nobody sells nasty like John Glover. Just check out Fox’s Brimstone, the dead-cop-is-released-from-hell-to-round-up-113-escaped-hellcats drama starring Peter Horton and featuring Glover as Satan himself. Think that’s hot? Here, EW rakes the 54-year-old veteran character actor (Love! Valour! Compassion!, Batman &amp Robin) over the coals.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Deviled eggs or devil’s food cake?
JOHN GLOVER: Devil’s food cake. Oh, God, er, I mean, oh, Satan, how I love chocolate.

EW: Have you ever gone down to Georgia?
JG: What kind of question is that?

EW: You know the song ”The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Have you gone?
JG: Lots of times. My mom’s family comes from Georgia, and I’ve done a lot of movies there. But that’s a song? I have to write this down. We’re always on the lookout for devil songs on the show.

EW: Where’s the hottest place you’ve ever been?
JG: Charleston, South Carolina, last summer. I was shooting The Tempest, and it was 115 degrees with the heat index. It’s set in the Civil War, so we all had these wool [uniforms] on, and the ambulance was coming like 13 times a day to take people to the hospital to fill them with fluids.

EW: Who would you like to send to hell?
JG: Now, I don’t know you well enough to tell you that. That’s a pretty dicey issue. I could say TV executives, but then again, I’d better be careful what escapes these lips.

EW: Is it true you’re the love child of Danny Glover and Crispin Glover?
JG: Oh, no, you’ve got it all turned around. Danny’s actually my cousin, and Crispin is my son. [Laughs] Might as well start another false story.

EW: Pauline Kael once called you ”the prime rotter of the ’80s.” Were you offended?
JG: Hell, no. I was proud. It’s a wonderful description. Let me just tell you exactly what a ”rotter” is. I have my Random House here somewhere. [Long pause] Here it is. ”Rotter: thoroughly bad, worthless, or objectionable person.”

EW: And this is a source of pride?
JG: Well, it was only about my acting. Good God, she wasn’t saying it about my person. As an actor, I was flattered to be deemed the ”prime” anything.

EW: What’s your favorite deadly sin?
JG: Gluttony. Well, at least fantasizing about gluttony. Now that I’m on TV, I can’t gluttonize as much as I would like. Even the devil has to watch his weight.