The 15 hottest topics the week of December 18, 1998

1 The Prince of Egypt
There was an early marketing snag: Moses wanted to be called ”The Prophet Formerly Known as the Prince of Egypt.”

2 Ellen and Anne
They’re sick of living in the backstabbing, two-faced, lying, deceitful world of Hollywood. So they’re moving to Washington, D.C.

3 Frank Sinatra
It turns out the FBI kept a 1,300-page file on him. They were this close to finding out about his singing.

4 Fruitcake Jokes
They last years longer than Viagra and Monica Lewinsky jokes.

5 Jack Frost
A father dies and comes back as a cuddly snowman. The bad news is his family moved to Miami.

6 Kelsey Grammer
He’s worried a home sex video he made will hurt his career. He should splice it into the middle of Down Periscope — no one will ever see it.

7 Shopping
A study says going to the mall makes men’s blood pressure rise. Did they administer the test in front of Victoria’s Secret?

8 Patch Adams
Robin Williams plays a doctor who believes that laughter is the best medicine. So do most HMOs.

9 You’ve Got Mail
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan carry on a romance over the Internet. And we get to watch them type?

10 Julie Andrews
The Sound of Music star vows her throat problems won’t keep her from singing again. It never stopped Bob Dylan.

11 Stepmom
Julia Roberts can’t seem to get along with her new future stepchildren — What’s Her Name and Hey, You.

12 Seasonal Affective Disorder
That’s what they call the depression some people get this time of year. It used to be called ”being broke.”

13 A Civil Action
John Travolta plays a lawyer who spends his life savings to help one town. Then he wakes up.

14 Star Trek: Insurrection
The crew of the starship Enterprise saves the entire known universe for the umpteenth time. Now it’s Miller time.

15 The Faculty
High school students suspect their teachers are from another planet. No humans would work that hard for that kind of money.