December 18, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

The Rat Pack

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Don Cheadle, Ray Liotta, Angus MacFadyen, Joe Mantegna, Bobby Slayton
Rob Cohen

Both programs in this double bill were adapted for British TV from charming Raymond Briggs picture books, but one is as appealing as a lump of coal. The Snowman gently relates, via expert pantomime and orchestral score, a young lad’s overnight adventure with his brought-to-life pal. On DVD, the colored-pencil-style drawings lose not a hair of their shaggy charm. Then there’s the Benny Hill-ish Father Christmas, in which Santa takes a nerve-jangling vacation that finds him in France without a loo and in Vegas among showgirls. Ice that and put Snowman on repeat play. C

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